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Emploi Connexion & Station connexion

We are pleased to announce the merger of our pilot project, La Station Connexion, with Emploi Connexion. This merger will create an integrated entity that will offer domiciliation, office space rental, and recruitment services in the Eastern Townships region, specifically in Magog.

Following this merger, La Station Connexion will become a division of Emploi Connexion while retaining its existing benefits and services. This will enable us to better meet the needs of our clients by providing a more comprehensive range of professional solutions.

Placement Agency Emploi ConneXion

Recruiting Placement Agency Since 2013, Emploi ConneXion has been a specialized company in permanent recruitment and headhunting, boasting over 30 years of expertise. We work closely with small, medium, and large enterprises to support them across various sectors.

Our areas of expertise encompass:

  • Construction and Building
  • Civil Engineering
  • Insurance and Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Administrative, Support, and Management Services

As a placement agency, we recruit for a variety of positions, including Project Directors, Project Managers, Foremen, Superintendents, Coordinators, Project Managers, Assistant Project Managers, Accountants, Financial Managers, IT Technicians, and Sales Professionals, both internally and externally.

We take the time to meet with each of our candidates to validate their career paths and gain a deep understanding of their profiles. We analyze their experiences, skills, and career goals. Our objective is to achieve the perfect alignment between the employer and the employee.


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How much time do you have to devote to recruiting? Our services are focused on providing you with qualified candidates for your position and our diverse recruitment network allows us to identify the best talent. Our knowledge of the market allows us to assist you throughout the recruitment process.

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We pay particular attention to the needs of our candidates and their careers. We strive to provide them with jobs that match their profile and give them interesting career opportunities, in terms of position and in terms of career progression…

Your success is our success


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The Quebec building construction industry is one of the largest and most dynamic economic sectors in Quebec. 

There are some 25 trades and around 30 occupations in Quebec. The former is defined by regulation, the latter are defined within the collective agreements of the construction industry.

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Insurance and Finance

The role of the insurance agent is to offer property and casualty insurance products, on behalf of an insurance company, and to follow up with clients.

With some 1,500 positions to be filled each year in Quebec, the damage insurance industry is looking for many different profiles.
The damage insurance agent and broker advise the consumer to insure their goods.

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Sales and Marketing

It is often believed that sales and marketing are one and the same thing. Nothing is more wrong!

Sales representatives do not always know how to position products or price them effectively. Marketing skills don’t make you a great salesperson. The two roles are completely different: One is creative and the other is analytical.

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Computer IT

The IT project manager has many responsibilities. He must first ensure the planning and control of IT projects.

He ensures that all of his projects respect the quality required, the budget allocated and the schedule granted for the completion of each of the stages. He is also responsible for leading and motivating his work team in addition to coordinating the projects of the companies or clients with whom he deals

Metier d'informatique et d'administration emploi connexion
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Mastering business administration is synonymous with the development of skills required in business and management careers Business administration professionals are people capable of defining the strategy of a business, managing its budget and its human resources in order to make it grow