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Company recruitment

Emploi ConneXion

Company recruitment

We guarantee the ability to service with precession and professionalism.

Employer, the main recruiting challenge is to minimize the level of uncertainty in the final selection of a candidate. Our candidate pool simplifies your research to select the ideal candidate. The search for candidates is completed by us and we make sure that all steps are taken to select and assess the appropriate candidate for your needs.

We first plan a meeting with you to better understand your business need, then a visit to the workplace to better understand the environment of the candidate hired. We determine the recruitment strategy (headhunting, job posting, etc.) finally, the selection of candidates to receive in a meeting (exploratory)as well as the verification of references and judicial file.

Company recruitment: Emploi Connexion offers you a guaranteed service. This guarantee provides for the replacement of the employee as soon as possible, at no cost. We know the issues of recruiting the right candidate, among other things, the identification of individual signals (quality of a candidate’s omen, his/her ability to adapt and his/her possible performance within the company.

Improve your operational efficiency by using our company recruitment service. This will allow you to focus on activities that give you an advantage elsewhere.

Did you know? Due to labor shortages, 56% of entrepreneurs indicated that their current employees need to work more while 47% of respondents said they had to raise wages. In addition, 43% of respondents say that a lack of workers limits the growth of their business. Many also said that their company had orders that it was unable to fill or that were late, that it had become less competitive

Why wait any longer! Trust us, our knowledge of the market allows us to help you throughout the  company recruitment process.

Our service approach is defined by 5 strategies

  • Research and identify potential talents
  • In-person job interviews
  • Validate references and diplomas
  • Customers meet qualified candidates
  • End negotiation with the hiring candidate

Quality service

We adopt a continuous improvement approach. We develop and continually refine our services to provide the best solutions to our customers.