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Computer IT job

Emploi ConneXion

Computer IT job

Our senior recruiters and head-hunters have over 30 years of computer IT job recruiting experience. Our ability to select the best candidates requires access to a large network of contacts in the industry.

DID you know?

Artificial intelligence would radically transform their business in the next three years.

The growth of solutions based on this technology will lead companies to strengthen their skills in the fields of data science, algorithms and mathematics, without neglecting UX skills so that future AI can interact smoothly with humans. 

In this context, the recruitment issue of computer IT job risks being a thorny one: only the largest companies will have the means to attract and retain specialists in the field. “Two million experts are missing in the world” according to Deloitte analyst.

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Smart interfaces

Boosted by artificial intelligence, the interfaces of tomorrow are brought to understand and assist Man in his various tasks. In business, they are likely to bring additional expertise.

In 2020, artificial intelligence promises us still nice surprises as for its development and its new uses in different fields of activity, “

This is particularly true, for example, in the field of medicine. With the medical literature doubling every four years, it is impossible for a doctor to practice his profession day by day while keeping abreast of technological or methodological advances.

So there is a real need for assistance with these feelings, more and more companies will look into this matter.

According to Deloitte, the market for my voice recognition could represent $ 22.3 billion in 2024. By 2022, sensory computing and emotion analysis software could reach $ 41 billion.

*To apply for one of our computer IT job you must be eligible to work in Canada. For example ; To be a Canadian citizen, have your permanent residence and or a work permit / Visa.