Emploi Connexion

Emploi connexion and Station Connexion Fusion

We are pleased to announce the merger of our pilot project, La Station Connexion, with Emploi Connexion. This merger will create an integrated entity that will offer domiciliation, office space rental, and recruitment services in the Eastern Townships region, specifically in Magog.

Following this merger, La Station Connexion will become a division of Emploi Connexion while retaining its existing benefits and services. This will enable us to better meet the needs of our clients by providing a more comprehensive range of professional solutions.

Here are the key points of the merger:

  1. Domiciliation and office space rental: La Station Connexion will continue to provide its company domiciliation and office space rental services in the Eastern Townships region. We will maintain the flexible and professional workspaces that have established the reputation of La Station Connexion.
  2. Recruitment services: Emploi Connexion will continue to offer its recruitment and talent placement services in the region. We will continue to assist businesses in finding qualified candidates, with a focus on quality and client satisfaction.
  3. Enhanced collaboration: By merging La Station Connexion with Emploi Connexion, we will create synergy between our teams and resources. This will allow us to maximize operational efficiency and offer more comprehensive solutions to our clients.

We are confident that this merger will strengthen our position in the market and enable us to provide an even better service to our clients.

We look forward to working together as a unified team and continuing to deliver high-quality services to our clients in the Eastern Townships region. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the merger, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Joanne Vermette President, Emploi Connexion/La Station Connexion