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Your success is our success!

You know you can increase your chances through placement agents!  Both employers and employees benefit from the expertise of the recruitment and placement agency, because the agency’s daily challenge is to find the perfect match! Why is it really more advantageous to do business with a recruitment agency rather than applying directly for the positions that interest you? The reason is simple, we know our customers.  We know exactly what profile they are looking for and we know right away if you have a chance to receive  an offer on the table. Our recruitment agency specializes in the fields of (executives, insurance, sales, computer engineering, etc.). There are recruiters who are generalists and others who are very specialized in certain fields.

We have full-time, long-term contract positions. Some positions are confidential and are not posted by the company, and this is often the case when the organization plans to replace someone internally. So that’s why it’s a good reason to go through our agency.

Note that all of our positions are open and are not in (proactive) mode. Our agency has a privileged business relationship with the client.

Our recruitment agency helps you prepare for your meeting. The recruiter knows what the client expects and this can increase your chances in or on your interview  meeting.

If you choose to apply by yourselves, you have a good chance of coming across a stack of several candidates who applied for the same position!

Our recruiters are there to help you, accompany you during the key stages of your professional career, it is above all to exchange, listen to you, understand your expectations and create a real partnership relationship.

They will tell you if you are not the right type of candidate for the business.

 Applying on the company website is not always ideal!

Our recruiting agency acts as a coach / mentor. One of our placement agency recruiters can help you improve your interviewing skills.


By calling our recruitment agency, we will also be able to confirm that you are ready to make the career change. We will follow the process of steps, some questions, for example:

1: What do you dislike about your current position?

If you can list at least 3 good reasons, you are certainly not happy and that you may need to change.

2: Have you really given a chance?

Before you make the decision to change careers completely, make sure it’s not just a whim.

Are you ready for the transition?

It’s a family decision. The goal is to have as much information as possible before making your decision.

We make sure we understand your needs first and foremost!

Our recruitment agency pays particular attention to the expectations of our candidates and their professional background. We strive to provide them with job offers that match their profile and give them interesting career opportunities, in terms of job and professional development.


We help candidates in each phase of their career.  Recruitment is not limited to just looking for your future position; it’s also about
increasing your potential to enable your real career development.

Our recruitment agency is able to assist you in your career by directing you to the position that exactly matches your aspirations in accordance with your skills, experience, and personality.

We respond to all candidacies by email within 3 days.

Once the company (employer) wishes to meet with you, our recruitment agency prepares you for your interview with the employer.

After the interview with (the employer), we will follow up on your meeting as soon as possible:


If the company has selected your application, we will inform you of the steps to follow to hire your application; referral, criminal investigation (if applicable).

All services offered to candidates are free of charge. No surprise!