Emploi Connexion

Sales and Marketing job

Emploi ConneXion

Sales and Marketing job

Can you explain the difference between sales and marketing?

It is often believed that sales and marketing are one and the same thing. Nothing is more wrong!

Sales representatives do not always know how to position products or price them effectively. Marketing skills don’t make you a great salesperson. The two roles are completely different: One is creative and the other is analytical.

The notion of “good” sales representative is contextual. That being said, there are qualities frequently sought after and associated with a good sales representative such as ambition, perseverance, the will to succeed, thoroughness, adaptability, etc.

The 5 qualities of an excellent salesperson for your business

  1. A good seller must be honest. As obvious as it sounds, the fact remains that this is one of the fundamental qualities of a good representative.

  2. Among the qualities of a seller, you will also seek to have a representative who corresponds to the ideology and values ​​of your company.

  3. An excellent salesperson has good sales skills.

  4. Words are an integral part of the tools a seller uses every day. The latter must handle them with ease and flexibility.

  5. A good salesperson must easily be able to communicate with your clientele, in the language of the latter: French, English, Spanish, etc. Determine your needs in this sphere and orient your recruitment or staff training accordingly. The representative must also have excellent communication skills. He must be very attentive to customers.

Marketing and its 4 P’s

Product, Price, Place (distribution) and Promotion (communication).

Most businesses require marketing expertise, and the majority of marketing jobs require a high school diploma or a marketing degree.

Marketing Manager Roles Can Reach an Average Salary of $ 70,000

Some marketing positions require analytical skills while others will use more of creative style.


One day a client of Jacques said to him:
– Advertising is expensive!

François replied:
– Yes, advertising is very expensive … for those who don’t do it!!!